Mansion Entertainment Announces New Management.

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on September 1, 2014 – 1:47 pm -

Mansion Entertainment

Mansion Entertainment

Franklin, TN (Mansion Entertainment)  – The Mansion Entertainment office in Franklin, TN has announced that John Mathis will assume management responsibilities for the record label, distribution, production and general direction of the company. Mathis will oversee the company’s direction in product development and distribution, audio/video production (including current TV show production) and developing a bigger online presence and opportunities for Mansion products and artists.  In regard to the recent announcement, Mathis commented, “We expanded our production capabilities by moving into a new location at the end of 2013 and we’ve covered a lot of ground over the years with some good success. You can say that during the past 6 years we have thoroughly tested the proverbial waters and are now in a position where we have some really great opportunities ahead of us. So this is a good point in time for us to hone in on what we do best as a company and better plan for our future by fine tuning our company focus, goals, and objectives. We are working on a few things immediately that will streamline what we do, such as building a new royalty management database, increasing the appeal of our online products and streamlining our in-house fulfillment of those to the customer with smarter technology and methods. We want to work toward relationships that benefit everyone involved and grow not just our own business, but this industry.”

Mansion Records has represented a host of Southern Gospel’s top talent and Southern Gospel radio is no stranger to Mansion music releases as the past few years have seen several number one songs and many top charting releases. Mansion Entertainment has produced televisions shows such as America Sings, SpiritFest, Nashville Country Revival and others that have been broadcast on multiple national networks including Daystar Television, Heartland TV, RURAL TV (RFD TV) and seen somewhat of a first in Gospel Music as Nashville Country Revival has moved to placement on Hulu and Amazon Prime. Mansion continues to produce and build its accompaniment track line, artist and speciality products that are offered through as well as in general market distribution through Sony RED and Provident distribution.

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