Maritime Gospel Music Association Appoints Richard Hyssong to the Board of Directors

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Richard Hyssong has graciously accepted an appointment to the Board of Directors of richard_promo_picMGMA. Richard brings a wealth of experience and credibility to our association and we welcome him into a long term mutually rewarding relationship. Richard has expressed his excitement of helping guide MGMA to the premiere Gospel Music association in the whole north-east, with his priority being opening up the New England area for new members and in so doing providing increased exposure for our present artists to expand their individual ministries to the USA.

About D. Richard Hyssong III

-          Richard sings full time with his family, The Hyssongs. They sing over 250 concerts a year traveling throughout the U.S and Canada.

-          The Hyssongs were recently nominated “New Trio of the Year” by the 2013 Singing News Fans.

-          They consistently have Top 40 songs on the Singing News chart.

-          Richard is the Marketing and Artist Director for Chapel Valley studio, located outside of Knoxville, TN. He signs groups for the record company, is the liaison between the company and all of the gospel media outlets, and does national radio promotion.

-          Since joining Chapel Valley in 2006, the company has quickly risen as one of the Top 3 record companies in Southern Gospel Music.

-          Richard has recently been recognized as one of the leading radio promoters in Gospel Music.

-          Under Richard’s leadership, the company has expanded into the Christian Country and Bluegrass markets. Many of the Christian Country artists have already received awards and have top radio hits!

-          Bluegrass music has been an exciting new venture for Richard and the Chapel Valley team.  During the month of September 2013, he was able to promote the company’s  first bluegrass top 10 radio hit!

-          Richard hosts a four hour radio program called “Joy for the Journey” on God’s Country 88.9 out of Augusta, Maine. The station has the top 10 largest listening coverage in New England.

-          In 2005 he married his wife, Kelly. The couple has two children: Makayla- who is 5 years old, and Richard IV- who is 19 months old.

-          They reside in Rockland, Maine