Mark Dubbeld Family Wins Radio Release- Jubilee Showcase

September 14, 2010 – The day began early for the Mark Dubbeld Family. Everyone dressed, ready to sing for Jesus? Let’s go!  Together with Promoter Barbara Roach and the other Jublilee Artists, they gathered for the “Jubilee Showcase” just across from Freedom Hall in the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It was evident these artists gathered with a goal in mind – for Christ to be glorified through their music.
   When the Mark Dubbeld Family came to sing, they weren’t even aware this showcase contained a competition. Promoter Barbara Roach explained she wanted it that way. She wanted the artists to gather together and “have church.”
   However, Jubilee Artist Promotions was also giving away two valued “radio releases.”  The judges were poised and ready, carefully reviewing each entry.
   After singing and praising together for over four hours, the time had come. Who would go home with the valued prize?
   The envelope was sealed and ready – and then came the moment. Tearing it open, the words rang out, “Our group winner of this year’s radio release is . . . The Mark Dubbeld Family!”  Little Britton Dubbeld’s face said it all! His mouth flew open, as both hands flew up to his face. “We won!” he exclaimed.
   Thank you so much Jubilee for giving us this opportunity to share the music He has put on our hearts to a broader listening audience. Together may we all continue to cover the earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ.