Mike Manning Now Accepting Solo Bookings

For over 25 years, Mike Manning has traveled throughout the United States blessing the hearts of countless people with his soaring vocals and anointed presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here’s what others are saying about him;  “I heard Mike Manning sing and was amazed…” Kirk Talley (singer/songwriter)

“He sings with power and anointing. I feel it would be beneficial to add him to your service or concert.”
Steve Ladd (soloist and former Tenor for The Gold City Quartet)

“I hope Mike sings until Jesus comes.”
Kenny Bishop (Singer/Songwriter/Gaither Video Artist)

“Mike Manning has a voice that the world needs to hear…”
Ann Downing (Singer/Gaither Video Artist)

“Mike has one of the strongest voices I have ever heard…such strength and power. He has THE voice for a singing ministry.”
Sandy Knight (multi-award winning singer/songwriter)

“He has been given an incredible gift from God and has chosen to use it for Him.”
Lynda Randle (Singer/Gaither Video Artist)

Mike is currently booking solo concerts and can be reached at 912-347-2502 or pastormike38930@yahoo.com .