More Favorite Christmas Songs From The Scoops Staff

We hope everyone is enjoying December’s issue of Scoops Magazine! We are blessed to have a talented staff of writers who love gospel music, ministry and the Lord.  This year, we welcomed several new team members to the staff and all of them have done an exceptional job. John Mathis Jr. shares encouragement and inspiration each month in his “A Mathis Moment” column, Rob Estep gives us a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes in gospel music, Victoria Shirey shines the spotlight on the younger generation in gospel music and Pete makes our work beautiful by doing a fantastic job with our layout and design!  John, Rob and Victoria have been a great addition to our team. Make sure you read their articles and let them know how much they are appreciated!  For now- they share their favorite Christmas songs!

John Mathis Jr. Says: “My favorite Christmas song is ‘Joy To The World’ because it just exudes joy and elation about the birth of Jesus, both in the words and its melody. If I had to pick one song to play on Christmas Eve while sitting in the quiet of my living room with only the Christmas tree lights glowing and the ornaments reflecting their various colors …this would be the one!” 

Rob Estep says:“By far my favorite Christmas Song is ‘We Are The Reason!’ it was a song that my dad use to sing every Christmas at church! And the message it sends is truly amazing! What better gift at Christmas than the promise of our Father’s unending love for us! I love how that song starts off and talks about how we view Christmas as children and then it changes when we realize what the true meaning of Christmas is!” 

Victoria Shirey says: “I like ‘Grownup Christmas List,’ It speaks of peace and restoration. Especially now more than ever, this world needs that and needs to be shown the love of God.”

Pete Schwager says: “My favorite Christmas song is ‘Little Drummer Boy’ and my favorite version of it is by Family Force Five. The song itself represents our own gifts that we have to bring to God. He gave us all something(s) that we are talented in, will we recognize it and use it (or them) for His glory?

 Merry Christmas from the staff of SGNScoops Magazine!