More New year’s resolutions for 2021. Staying positive in difficult times.

by Vonda Armstrong

New Year’s resolutions are a big focus this time of year. With 2020 rapidly coming to a close, many people will be looking forward to the year ahead and hoping that it is the best year possible.

Millions around the world will be setting New Year’s resolutions, which will typically involve some form of self-improvement. Mine is simply, enjoy the little things in life. The older I get, the more I realize that they are the things that really matter. I want to be a better “Vonda” in 2021 I certainly want to tell more people about Jesus this year than ever before. He is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

I asked some of our writers ,staff, and friends at SGN Scoops what are they looking forward to in 2021.

Here’s what some had to say. We will be posting these over the next couple of days.  Feel free to put your resolutions in the comments below.


Karen Peck Gooch at the GMA Hall of Fame honors. (Chip Woods Photography)
Karen Peck Gooch at the GMA   Hall of Fame honors. (Chip Woods Photography)





My New Year’s Resolution is to not look back at what we lost in 2020, but to look forward to what we will gain in 2021. More than anything  I want to draw closer to the Lord and to know His heart.



Pat Barker
Pat Barker, The Guardians

This coming year, I’m going to rest in the fact that the same God who saw me through 2020, is the very same God that will shower blessings on my family in 2021. I’m believing 2021 will be the strongest year gospel music has ever seen. 2020 forced us to think outside the box. Let’s continue that in 2021.



jeff steele
Dr. Jeff Steele, The Steeles










I want to change the world.  Through the preaching of the gospel and the writing of gospel songs.


Chris Golden, Artist

I hope to spend more time with friends, family, and children and less time on social media, write more, sing more, play more, move more, eat less, stress less, sit less, waste less. I want to be more Grateful.



David Proctor, Amen Quartet

In review of a year that brought so much “less” to all, I’m  looking forward to Jesus blessing us with a year of “More”.  My resolution is to spend more time with Him, pray more, trust more, and for A’Men Quartet to bring Him to more people though our music ministry.





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