Natalie’s Song Choice of the week December 11 2021

Natalie’s Song Choice of the week December 11 2021
“The Journey” – The Steele’s
The Steeles have been a force in Southern Gospel music for decades, but never has it been more true than now. In 2020 they released their most recent album, “A Song to Remind You”, which is no doubt the Steele’s most impressive project to date. My favorite song on the album is called “The Journey”. It has not been a single so far and may never be, but nonetheless it so my favorite.
I asked Jeff Steele where they got the song. “Actually, it is a collaboration with Brad, myself, and award winning songwriter Joel Lindsey. We went to Word and wrote a day with Joel. It is a song that tells it just like Brad wanted it told. I’m thankful for the journey; I wouldn’t be where I am without it. But the importance part is not to get stuck there because there is more to come. God’s best is ALWAYS in the future, never in the past. The best is yet to come and THAT is the message of God for us no matter how God uses our past to get us to where we are now”. – Jeff Steele
I personally connected with the song the first time I heard it. I love songs I can relate to and “The Journey” just seems to be my current status. The road I have walked has not provided many hiding places. The highs have been high. The lows have been low. But even the lows aren’t bad memories. They’re valuable memories because they cost a great price. They are treasures I am building the rest of my life upon. “I’m thankful for the journey, the journey got me here. The roads at once that didn’t make sense, now seem crystal clear. I know that faith is greater than doubt and love greater than fear. I’m thankful for the journey, the journey got me here.” – “The Journey”
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