Natalie’s song choice of the week December 24 2021

Natalie’s song choice of the week
“Bigger Than Sunday” – Triumphant Quartet
The Triumphant Quartet released an album earlier this year that has gotten a lot of attention and deserves even more. The album is pure gold. The title cut “Bigger Than Sunday” just happens my favorite song on the album. It reminds us that God is bigger than a building or bigger than any one particular day.
The song has a two-fold meaning for me. First of all, the song presents me with a challenge. A challenge to be more aware of God’s presence and sensitive to His Spirit ALL of the time…not just when I’m in a worship service. Makes me wonder what have I missed because I wasn’t paying attention.
The song also brings me assurance. Assurance that He walks beside me every single day. He whispers peace in my ear every single day.
He goes before me to prepare the way every single day. Even when I am unaware, He is a constant presence.
Triumphant’s own Scotty Inman, Benji Cowart and Tony Wood wrote this amazing song. I spoke to Scotty and here’s what he had to say about the idea behind the song. “So many times without thinking we leave church on Sunday morning and wave goodbye to God and say ‘see you next Sunday’, but we all know He’s with us everyday and God doesn’t live in a building…He lives in our hearts. He is truly bigger than Sunday.”
Will this song be another hit for Triumphant down the road? I think it just might be. We will wait and see.
“Your love in a thousand ways is bigger than one day, bigger than Sunday.
I’m found in the arms of grace, that’s bigger than one day, bigger than Sunday.” – “Bigger Than Sunday”
Check out my song choice of the week. “Bigger Than Sunday” – Triumphant Quartet
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