New Covenant Trio Release “Forever and a Day” Official Music Video

Nashville — New Covenant’s “Forever and a Day” produced by Godsey and Associates was launched YouTube today.  The video was shot at several locations surrounding Nashville.

Band members Rick Campbell, Larry Rowley, and Howard Vest have been anticipating the release along with fans.  New Covenant incorporates state of the art video media in their concerts. Their music video release will serve to be a much awaited addition to their ministry presentations.


“I have to say that working on the video was one of the most exciting times of my life.  Who would ever think that something like this would be happening at this point in my life?” said lead singer Rick Campbell, “It just goes to show that we DO serve a God of second chances!”  The song carries the voice of one reflecting upon life and thanking God for the opportunity to live with freedom.  The video shows the band members at a location cutting up and sharing stories, then at a live concert setting, an old rustic abandoned house, and at a campus where Rick’s character in the video is challenged for his faith.


“Filming Forever and a Day was a fun process,” said producer Scott Godsey, “the guys have a great personality that definitely comes out in the video.”  This is the third major video release by Godsey and Associates.  The company has also produced Legacy Five’s “Ask Me Why” and Kc John’s “Silly Questions.”


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