Inspirational Country star  is hitting the road with new single “I Belong to Jesus,” as part of Putting God First Ministries, with a groundbreaking music video.

The video and song show a deep side to Sheldon. Set in the working studio and a beautiful open field at daybreak, Sheldon’s love for God and music are intertwined; a reflection of his heart.

“It’s time to tell my stories. How God has brought me out from a long ‘wilderness time’ of sin, shame and disgrace to where I am today!” says Sheldon, who explains the message behind Putting God First Ministries with a proverb.

“The idea behind the concept video was to show a behind the scenes natural recording environment so people could see some of the elements it takes to record a first class project,” says Scott Godsey of Homeland Entertainment Group, who produced Sheldon’s video. “The outside scene is about Jim and who he is, he is a country boy and he feels at home in the middle of the country.” After spending so much time in the recording process, Sheldon cheerfully calls the studio as his second home.

Sheldon was a music minister before hitting the road full time. “After serving many years as music minster, there was a void yet filled.” Says Sheldon, “I knew singing gospel music was God’s true calling for my life!”

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