New year’s resolutions for 2021. Staying positive in difficult times.

by Vonda Armstrong

New Year’s resolutions are a big focus this time of year. With 2020 rapidly coming to a close, many people will be looking forward to the year ahead and hoping that it is the best year possible.

Millions around the world will be setting New Year’s resolutions, which will typically involve some form of self-improvement. Mine is simply, enjoy the little things in life. The older I get, the more I realize that they are the things that really matter. I want to be a better “Vonda” in 2021. I certainly want to tell more people about Jesus this year than ever before. He is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

I asked some of our writers ,staff, and friends at SGN Scoops what are they looking forward to in 2021.

Here’s what some had to say. We will be posting these over the next couple of days.  Feel free to put your resolutions in the comments below.



Ashley Franks, Josh & Ashley Franks

“What do you say at the end of a year like 2020? I believe the Apostle Paul said it best when he resolved to forget those things behind him and press toward the mark of the highest prize, which is a calling in Jesus. My New Year’s Resolution is to leave behind all the disappointments and defeats from 2020, and press toward something great from God for myself and my family in 2021!”





Dave Taylor, KWFC

I want to SEE better.  The isolation and separation of 2020 has created a lot of pain hidden to the naked eye.  I want to -need to – be still and see and help meet the the needs of the people God has put around me.


SGN Scoops Magazine Welcomes KWFC


Jason Dyess, WMER

I usually pray for the Lord to give me a word for my next year and He does. I’m still praying and listening for that word. I usually don’t do resolutions, I wait on His word. It was something I read onetime and there’s a book about it. The first time I did it, the Lord gave me the word “change” and that next year we had a whole year of change in our lives.


Matthew Wilson, Eagle’s Wings

Self development is the theme for 2021. But I have no desire to develop who I was but rather to develop a new creature that can be used by God. My resolution is to focus on things God requires of us but that we seem to ignore. Bible reading and study, prayer, meditation and fasting. Things God has given us as a way to draw closer to Him. To draw closer to God is a privilege and that is my resolution for this year. And also, to lose some weight lol


Jeff Sneed , Sneed Family

In this last year of turmoil, sadness,  and disappointed I’ve seemed to let the cares of the world overtake me. Rather than digging in and buckling down in a close relationship to God I’m afraid I’ve tried to avoid reality. Rather than being a prayer warrior I’ve been in a sense of denial and pushing things out of my mind and heart. I’m going to try to face the turmoil of the world with a built up faith and a much closer walk with God so I might be a stronger and more useful soldier in this great army for the Lord.


Joe Belcher, Fields of Grace

I  would love to be more active in ministry and service to the kingdom of our Lord in 2021. For me I would enjoy spreading the message of the gospel in writing, music and travel with family and Fields of Grace.



My resolution for 2021 is to seek and find the places where I can be most effective in sharing the love of God and his plan of salvation for us all. I want to become better at living a life that witnesses love to everyone around me, especially to the neighbors and friends I have been praying for.

Lorraine Walker: A Time to Fight



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