Please Pray For Abigail….


From Angie Hoskins Aldridge (Hoskins Family)

Her daughter Abigail had open heart surgery yesterday. As you will read in the post, she is in tremendous pain. Pray for her when you see this. Pray for her Mom and Dad also.

(From Angie)

It’s 1:00 am. If you are awake please pray for my girl. I just got a call from the ICU nurse. Her pain is so severe it is causing her not to breath correctly. Her ox is dropping. They have now had to put her on CPAP to help with her breathing. God has done miraculous things, but we need him again. He says in his word he will never leave us nor will he forsake us. I am standing on that tonight. It hurts when your baby is going through such a battle and there is nothing you can do. I choose to pray and to reach out to our prayer warriors. There is power in prayer. there is also power in numbers. Thank you for going through this with us. 💔

Abby had open heart surgery.