Prayer Request/Update From Stephanie Gober Wilson

Hi everyone,
We love you all so much. Our fans and colleagues are awesome. Your outpouring of love has been appreciated and comforting. Here is an update for you all.
Chemo started today- no fun naturally but could have been a lot worse! He handled it quite well considering. We are feeling the strength of your prayers PLEASE- I beg all of you- keep them coming. He has chemo for the next 48 hours then gets a week off- he’s on an every other week schedule. Monday the Dr. will do a baseline CT scan and then repeat it in 2 months. That’s when we”ll know the chemo is doing it’s job (and God has intervened). We sing tomorrow- Daddy will NOT give up on his calling so… We’re continuing to move forward with our music. I BEG for your prayers and want you to know how much we appreciate the prayers you’ve prayed so far. Thank thank thank you!!!
Love to all!


We are praying for the Gobers at SGNScoops. For more information about the Gobers visit their website at