Prayer Vigil Tonight on Behalf of Tracy Stuffle of The Perrys

It is our understanding that Tracy Stuffle, bass singer of The Perrys  suffered a stroke last night and is receiving medical care in the libbi and tracyIntensive Care Unit at a local Nashville hospital. In an effort to do our part in rallying Christians to pray for our brother, please read the following Facebook Update from Libbi Perry Stuffle, Tracy’s wife.

Updated on Tracy as of 1:50pm

I just seen the neuro surgeon. The second bleed out in Tracy’s brain is filling up the fluid cavities in his brain. Basically this is like having a stopped up sink with the water still running. The blood left in there is gonna cause pressure on the brain. So the dr is fixin to put a drainage cath in his brain to let the fluids drain out of the fluid cavities. This will only take about 15 mins and is done bedside. Problems that could happen: once in the brain could cause another bleed. 2nd is infection setting up which could go straight to the brain. If this is not done, he will continue to get sleepier and sleepier until he falls into a coma. He’s almost been weaned off Meds to lower his blood pressure. He is stable on the blood pressure.

At 7pm eastern time 6 cst a mass of churches across the United States are gathering to have a prayer vigil on Tracy’s behalf. We would be so honored to have you join with them and my family. Thank you to everyone who has and is praying!!!!

Please send this to everyone you know!!!