Prayers for Tracy and Libbi Stuffle

Please Pray!

From Libbi (Facebook)

Tracy Stuffle Update 4/15/17 – 6pm
Last night was not a quiet night as I thought it would be. Tracy kept waking up and fighting the vent. He was trying to talk and was aggravated cause he couldn’t because of vent. They have gradually been weaning him down from vent. He’s on a cpap now. His oxygen level is boarderline of being able to take vent out. Tracy’s always been a shallow breather and this doesn’t help when trying to get him off the vent. He is awake and lipping his words. He’s ready to get back to his life! His Doctor just wants him to be rested good. His AFIB had been so out of whack with being in the 150 and above, it’s worn him out. Things are now returning to Tracy’s normal. They will try in the morning to get him off of the vent. His oxygen rate has been 90 to 92 but they want to be at least 95 or above before taking out. So help me pray for those numbers to come up and STAY!! He’s had no pain thus far, so that’s a good thing.
As for me, getting very little sleep caught up with me today!! My family has been worried because they hadn’t heard anything from me, but I was knocked out asleep!!! I woke up when drs came in, but would go right back to sleep! Finally woke up good about 3 this afternoon. The nurses have all been great with letting me rest. Praying for a restful night for Sweet T!! Pray for a Easter Miracle of Tracy being taken off the vent!!! We love y’all!! Happy Easter!!!


We at SGN Scoops are praying for an Easter Miracle for Tracy. Will you join us?