Roaring Twenties Fast: Are You Ready


Roaring Twenties Fast


IF NOT US, THEN WHO? IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN? Roaring twenties fast Jon GrovesThis year, you are strategically positioned to see the greatest wave of salvations and growth the church has seen in modern history.
Read below to find out how:
God laid an idea on the heart of my friends and me, and lately it’s become a reality.  We’re calling 1 million young people to fast and pray for revival and consecration in the next generation.

Leaders are encouraging a 21-day period starting on January 5, 2020 to fast however God leads you – or you can fast another time throughout the year.

The younger generations have rarely been taught about fasting and thus do not know the power of it. But if we want to see God do something new in and through us, we’re going to have to be stretched in new ways.

“When you fast, you encounter and realize the presence of God in such a unique way. My desire for all those who participate is that just as Jacob left his encounter with God having a limp, that my generation would forever be dissatisfied with anything less than a miraculous move of God.

There is a group for all 50 states and many other countries.
To visit the website, click here.  Or type “Roaring Twenties Fast – your state name” into facebook.

“The call for one million young people to fast and pray is historic but must not be about any one church, leader, organization or denomination but rather a collective of believers young and old who sense that God is about to do something historic in the roaring twenties,” said Dr. Malachi O’Brian about the Jon Groves on Roaring Twenties Fast.

“Throughout history, every time there has been a communication shift, revival has almost assuredly followed,” said Jon Groves, who serves as one of the leaders in “Digital Billy Grahams,” a ministry project by Think Eternity. “People took note of a new medium by which to flood their contexts with the message of revival.

“Now, with the explosiveness of new social media networks, there has never been a greater opportunity to flood the globe with the message of the gospel. Our phones have become larger pulpits than our heroes ever preached on.”

Groves explained, “It’s incredible to me how my generation is searching for answers and ancestors online in an attempt to discover purpose and peace. When in actuality, connectivity, purpose, peace …family… it’s all found in the kingdom of Christ.”

He said he doesn’t want “the roaring 20’s to be just another hype decade.”

“I’m asking God for a fresh outpouring of His Spirit, just as he promised in his word, so that the roar of this next decade will be heard for generations to come. An awakening. A revival. More than just viral posts. An infectious thirst for depth, consecration, and commitment to Christ,” Groves said.

You’ve probably noticed quite a bit happening in the Middle East or even in your own back yard that causes you to believe we are in the last days of the last days.  There is quite a bit to learn and understand from the book of Revelation as it collides with ancient history and modern day.  If you’d like to take a deep dive,  we’ll be putting out weekly video teachings as we go verse-by-verse through the entire book.  You’ll be provided with a downloadable PDF of the notes as well.

If you’re interested in The End Times,  CLICK HERE and select “The Bible Study” plan.

A powerful research study was done that found that 20 Million young people in America may find Christ if 4 steps were taken by the Church.

One of the surprising steps they found was that the world needs more “Digital Billy Grahams”.

This has become a growing burden God has put on our team at Think Eternity’s heart, including Matt Brown, Dr. Malachi O’Brien, Roger Coles, Rashawn Copeland and Jon Groves.

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We are launching some free resources for you wherever you listen to podcasts.

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