Scotty Inman Departs Triumphant Quartet; Focuses on Solo Career

Nashville, TN – To everything there is a season. For the past two decades, Scotty Inman has been blessed with the privilege of traveling as part of the award-winning group, Triumphant Quartet. This season has brought much joy and fulfillment, both from a professional standpoint, as well as personally. “Over half my life has been spent with the greatest men I know. They say you are who you hang around, and I hit the jackpot with Triumphant,” shares Scotty Inman. “Men of integrity, consistency and class… not just in music, but in life itself.”
From the group’s beginnings in 2003, when four outstanding vocalists graced the stage in Pigeon Forge, TN for the first time together, to making the decision to tour the country in 2008, Triumphant has continued time and again to raise the bar of producing music with the highest excellence, all while remaining steadfast in their core values. That dedication, along with the grace of God, has yielded GRAMMY nominations, a Dove Award, numerous fan awards and number one songs at radio.
However, over the last few years, Scotty Inman has felt God leading him into a new season of life. A decision such as this is never simple or easy to make, especially when it entails leaving a group that is family; but at this time, it is necessary. Moving into 2024 and beyond, Scotty will shift his focus to recording and traveling as a solo artist, which will, in turn, allow much needed flexibility in his schedule.
“This is not a ‘going home to spend more time with my family’ type of announcement,” explains Scotty. “Mainly because that implies that those of us who travel for a living do not spend time with our families, which is not true. However, what I do know is that I have a deep desire to be even more involved in my kids’ lives at these crucial ages. They are growing up quickly, and I want to be at as many ballgames and recitals as I can.”
Scotty continues, “As some of you know, my wife and I recently helped plant a church along with a pastor friend and small group of couples. At that church, I serve as the co-worship leader, as well as a deacon. Serving more frequently at my home church and being in attendance to fulfill my duties are a few things that have been laid on my heart in a huge way.”
While Scotty looks forward to making the most of his time with his family, this does not mean that music will take a backseat. “I’m not done singing, and in many ways, I feel as though I’ve only just begun! By traveling as a soloist, I’ll be able to pursue the calling that the Lord has placed on my life, but with a less demanding schedule. I plan on seeing everyone down the road sooner rather than later!”
Eric Bennett conveys the group’s sincere gratitude, “We will forever be grateful for Scotty’s time and devotion to Triumphant. His creativity, passion and love for the Gospel has helped create what Triumphant is today.” Although things may change, remnants of Scotty’s influence will always be seen and felt as Triumphant continues its ministry in the coming years.”
“Scotty has been a much-loved and respected member of this family,” says David Sutton, the tenor singer for Triumphant. “We all understand and share in the calling of ministry in varying capacities. As such, we are fully supportive of Scotty and this new endeavor.”
“We’ve always encouraged our kids to never be afraid of expanding their borders,” Clayton Inman recalls. “Scotty has been with Triumphant for twenty years. As both his dad and a group member, I’m extremely grateful for that. At the same time, his mom and I are excited for the world to see everything Scotty has to offer for years to come.”
Inevitably, Scotty will leave behind big shoes to fill. While the group vows to exercise prayerful consideration and discernment during the interview process, the members appreciate Scotty’s willing participation during this time of transition. His involvement in the selection process highlights the impact of the quartet’s ministry and the quality of relationships formed during those years. All serious inquiries for the lead/baritone position should be emailed to
Scotty will continue to appear as part of Triumphant through the end of the year. A transition such as this one is not to be taken lightly, and Scotty wants to make the change as smooth as possible for each and every person involved. He shares, “Please pray for me and my family during this transition, as well as my favorite group of guys, Triumphant, as they move forward. I know God has great things in store for them!”
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