The Southern Gospel Music Guild produced an industry forum on Tuesday, February 20th, at the BMI Theater on the topic of Sound Scan Reporting. The Forum speakers focused on topics such as the formation and purpose of Sound Scan, the benefits that can be offered to artists and music companies for using Sound Scan and how to utilize the various tools to record event sales through Sound Scan.
“Educating, facilitating and enabling our industry professionals, as well as aspiring professionals, to expand the effectiveness and reach of their businesses and ministries as well as expanding the economic base of the entire Southern Gospel Music industry are the chartered purposes of the Southern Gospel Music Guild,” stated Clarke Beasley, Executive Vice President of the National Quartet Convention and current SGMG President. “We feel that providing industry forums with important topics such as the one we covered today accomplishes our stated goals.”

The forum speakers were:

Josh Bennett – VP Client Solutions, Nielsen Music. Josh focused on how Nielsen Music (which includes Sound Scan) benefits the music industry at large by creating a system of accurate and verifiable sales data collection.

Ben Cooper – Senior Manager, Christian Music Trade Association. Ben focused on how CMTA partners with Nielsen to provide verifiable sales data to the Christian Music industry and provided some very interesting details on how music consumption has changed in the Christian Music industry over the last five years.

Scott Wagner – Senior Vice President, Crossroads Entertainment. Scott focused the tools that are available for artists to easily record their event sales through Sound Scan and demonstrated the functionality of those tools.

About the Southern Gospel Music Guild: In 1986, several Southern Gospel music leaders decided the industry needed an organization to foster the growth of the Southern Gospel music genre. Through the years, the Guild has grown to include every facet of the Southern Gospel music industry, encompassing artists (full-time and part-time), record companies, radio, promoters, publishers, distributors, talent management, media representatives, and booking agents. These professionals work together collectively to expand the economic base of the Southern Gospel Music industry.