The Sharps Quartet Auditioning for Bass singer….



In 2012, when our founder and my grandfather Joel Sharp retired, personal change was also apart of the process. For the last 4 years The Sharps lineup has had several opportunities to minister all over the South. But time has come where the group is facing change once again. The departure of Logan Miller has opened the position to be filled as the bass vocalist for The Sharps. We, The Sharps, are praying that God brings forward the right man for the job that will help broaden our ministry of The Sharps. This is a part time position and is non paid. Must be dedicated and willing to travel. If you would like to audition for the position, send us a
(Short Bio, Picture, and Demo) to If you’d like to know more about the position feel free to call 256-996-1516. But most of all, we ask that you keep our ministry in your prayers! God Bless.
Ben Sharp of
The Sharps