Mobile, Alabama,  — Scott Washam, owner of Southern Gospel Downloads
announces the launch of a brand-new website. Southern Gospel Downloads offers the most
competitive online digital store and digital media options in the Southern Gospel industry. No matter if
you are a full-time artist, a regional favorite or a pastor who is wanting to market your media in a
digital outlet, Southern Gospel Downloads has a perfect, cost effective solution for you.
There are a few artists that have been with us from the beginning. Mickey Bell had this to say, “When
I released my first book, I Am David, the only place it was available was Southern Gospel Downloads.
Every order was taken, processed and delivered on time.” Mickey found that Southern Gospel
Download had the perfect solution for his media needs. Cami Shrock has also participated as a pilot
customer and has been using Southern Gospel Downloads for almost a year now with no issues.
“This product is one of the best of its kind”, said Shrock. In the last few weeks, we have added more
new clients to the roster. We also want you to be a part of the team.
No matter what your digital market needs are, Southern Gospel Downloads has a solution for you.
We offer an online store where you can sell your music, a personalized link to our website where you
can direct your customers to shop and our one-of-a-kind MDCards (Music Download Card). Monthly
plans begin at $9.99 per month. MDCards can be purchased as low as $.99 each. They replace the
need of flash drives or other types of digital options on your product table. This is a more secure
option for you and for your fans.
Contact us today for a quote to fit your digital needs or to find out more information about Southern
Gospel Downloads. We are here to help you.