StowTown Records and Triumphant celebrate the release of ‘Living In Harmony’

StowTown Records and Triumphant celebrate the release of  'Living In Harmony'
StowTown Records and Triumphant celebrate the release of ‘Living In Harmony’

(Nashville, TN) StowTown Records and one of Southern Gospel’s most popular quartets, Triumphant, are proud to announce the release of their brand new project, Living In Harmony.
The album, which hit the market on April 14, made an impressive debut by landing in the Top 10 of the recent Soundscan Southern Album Chart and the Top 100 of the Christian Music Chart.
“Triumphant is very excited about our new StowTown record release. We have been working on this project for several months and really spent a lot of time picking songs for this recording,” said David Sutton, longtime tenor and co-founder of the group. “We feel truly blessed and honored to have received the songs that we got for this project from some of the best writers in our field of music today.”

“Our prayer is that we can portray these songs in a way that people will hear the lyrics and feel the presence of God in their lives while listening.” “Living in Harmony”, written by Jeff Bumgardner and Triumphant baritone Scott Inman, also happens to be the first single release from the project and is now being heard throughout the country.

“If there has ever been a time where Christians need to come together for the cause of Christ, NOW is the time,” exclaimed Inman. “I pray “Living in Harmony” is a lyric people will put in motion on a daily basis.”

Triumphant is currently holding a social media contest on Facebook and Twitter for all of their followers. Fans can send the group a photo by Thursday, April 30, showing themselves along with their purchase of Living In Harmony at a local Christian bookstore or outlet and be entered into a special drawing. The winner will earn an exclusive dinner with the entire group in the near future.
This marks the premiere release with StowTown for Triumphant, a multi-award winning quartet who joined the fast-rising label last summer. “We are very thankful for the relationship we have developed with the StowTown team. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship with this company,” added Sutton. “They have a heart for the groups and a heart for making good music. That’s a company we want our name to be attached to and are so honored to be a part of.”

“We all want to ‘live in harmony’ together and we hope you enjoy our new CD from StowTown Records…Living In Harmony!”