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Welcome to another edition of SGNScoops’ Fast Five! Today we talk to Surrendered, a mixed trio from Gadsden, AL, who record with Chosen Records. This trio appeared at 2015 Creekside Gospel Music Convention and thrilled the crowd with their heartfelt renditions of such songs as “I Bowed On My Knees” and “I Choose Christ.” You can hear their close harmony on a Southern Gospel radio station near you, as they perform the beautiful single, “I See My Name.”

Surrendered at times becomes a quartet, as they bring along a bass singer and a pianist to add versatility. However, this trio has a great mix of voices and with their evident desire to serve Christ in everything they do, their message and music will always bring a blessing to audiences.

We hope you enjoy this look into the ministry of Surrendered.

SGN: Introduce us to the group….

S:Surrendered is a Southern Gospel trio from Northeast Alabama. Sadie Renae


(age 16) sings lead and harmonies. She plays the acoustic guitar and has been performing since she was three years old. John “Bitt” Fugatt sings tenor and lead. He has been a member of several gospel groups, plays a plethora of instruments and can sing some awesome high notes. Group leader Russell Wise sings lead and baritone. He was a long time member with Wendy Bagwell and The Sunliters. He plays the bass guitar. We are busy in the studio writing for our next project.


SGN: You have a new radio single!! Tell us all about it and why you chose the song.

S:This new year has been so exciting. Our FIRST single to radio was released mid-January through Jan Puryear Promotions. The song is entitled “I See My Name” and was written by Kenna West and Daryl Williams. Daryl, a long time friend of Russell’s, sent several songs for the group to peruse. When we heard “I See My Name,” we all knew immediately we wanted to record it. The song has an eloquent and reverent simplicity. The message touched us all. When hearing our song on air for the first time, there were sincere tears, a little jumping for joy and a whole lot of gratitude! The song is now available on iTunes also.


Surrendered with Jean Grady
Surrendered with Jean Grady

SGN: When Surrendered is out traveling the highways, what is the group’s favorite place to eat?

S:Traveling is increasing monthly and we cannot be more humbled and grateful. We have accepted bookings in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and several other surroundings areas. Each time we travel, we end up at a Mexican restaurant. Sadie is our chips and salsa little lady. We have enjoyed many late night conversations around a bowl of cheese dip.

SGN:Russell, will you share your testimony?

I have had the great opportunity of having Gospel music in my life since a young age. My dad was a pastor, my mom played the piano and we all grew up singing in our home and at church. When other churches and friends heard us, the invitations began. Hence, we saying as The Wise Family for many years. It was great having music in our lives at such an early age.

When the family decided to stop traveling, I continued singing. I sang with The Chancellors, The Servants, and several others. I then had the opportunity to travel as a long time member with Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters. It was a great time in my music career.

Following my time with Wendy, the Wise family got together for some reunions and anniversary singings. However, due to jobs, families and miles apart, we did not choose to go back on the road.

I returned to Gadsden six months prior to my mom’s passing. It was a very difficult time losing the matriarch of our family. I made the choice to remain in Gadsden to be near family and friends.

After some time of healing, we decided that we would sing again as we knew it’s what our parents would have wanted also. However, soon after kicking off the group, my brother-in-law was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer and my niece was actively raising a family.

So I truly felt my days of singing and traveling had come to an end. I had begun visiting and communicating with churches that were looking for a song chairman. I figured this was where I could still help carry the message through music.

Prior to the family endings their travel days, we sang at Southern Gospel Weekend in Oxford and Sadie, my 16-year-old niece by marriage, came to help set up and enjoy the music. It was her first Gospel Convention. She really enjoyed the fellowship and on the last day was truly touched when she heard Jay Parrack and Vocal Event sing “Sometimes He Whispers.”

Sadie began listening and learning many songs, and soon she and I were excepting our first bookings. Since then, we were blessed to have John “Bitt” Fugatt join us.

I know God lives and He calls us to be disciples. All things come together in His time. I stand amazed at His tender mercies on me. Please pray for this music ministry. We pray for directive daily.

SGN: What are some goals for 2016 for the group?

S: We have several personal and group goals this year. We want to be more prayerful and study our scriptures more. We ask daily for directive in our music ministry and thank GOD for opening doors. We choose our songs carefully and prayerfully. Bringing lost souls to our Savior is why we do what we do. Each time we see someone surrender to Christ, we know we are right where the Lord wants us. Our prayers are to extend our music ministry into other areas, but only as God so chooses and directs.



The friendships we are making in this industry goes way beyond words. There is a closeness you feel and we stand in awe at the diligence of such servants hearts. We pray for those out spreading the word through their music. Together with God’s tender mercies, we pray we will change one heart at a time.


SGN: And….. Give us your website and booking information.

S: We would love the chance to worship with you. Please visit and like our Facebook page or our website . Feel free to email us at: or you may call 205-937-1185 anytime.

Surrendered is also on Facebook here.

Thanks so much to Surrendered for visiting with us today on the SGN Scoops’ Fast Five! We trust our readers have enjoyed getting to know these artists and hearing their heart for ministry. If you haven’t heard their latest single, be sure to call and request “I See My Name,” by Surrendered.

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