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Sherwood Senior Pastor Michael Catt Calls for ‘Courageous Living’

Written by SGN Scoops on July 18, 2011 – 8:43 am -

NASHVILLE /Christian Newswire/ — From more than 20 years in the pulpit, Sherwood Baptist Church Senior Pastor Michael Catt calls godly fathers “an endangered species.”   His response includes a challenging new book, Courageous Living–Dare to Take a Stand, launching September 2011.
“I’m asking God to give His men the tenacity that seems strangely lacking in this hour,” Catt said. “Caleb was an old man when he said, ‘Give me this mountain.’ Samuel was a young man when he heard from God. I ask God to use this book to call men from every generation to new courage.”

·         As headlines declare “The End of Men,” Sherwood Church senior pastor and executive film producer Michael Catt issues a call to “man up”
·         From Abraham to Paul, certain men in the Bible model courageous living
·         Courageous lives result from relationship with God and knowledge of His word

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