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Local Comedian Appears on The Huckabee Show

Written by Staff on December 9, 2019 – 9:37 am -

Mickey Bell

Comedian Mickey Bell performing on the Huckabee Show

Every 28 seconds, someone in America is attempting suicide.  It is also the second leading cause of death for people ages 15 to 24.  And we are now entering into a holiday season when it seems to be the most prominent time for those dealing with depression to have more bad days than they have good days.

That is why you will find Comedian Mickey Bell on the road helping people laugh through their pain.  And it was his ability to make others laugh that got the attention of Governor Mike Huckabee who host a weekly television show on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.
“It was so exciting to meet Governor Huckabee and be a part of his show,” says Bell. “To only be doing comedy for one year and to already have those doors open for me is nothing short of God elevating and accelerating.”
While comedy may get him on the stage, it’s his testimony of dealing with depression that is leaving the lasting impression.
Comedian Mickey Bell and his family posing for a picture with Governor Mike Huckabee. (L-R Governor Huckabee, Logan, Wendy and Mickey)

Comedian Mickey Bell and his family posing for a picture with Governor Mike Huckabee. (L-R Governor Huckabee, Logan, Wendy and Mickey)

Mickey Bell knows full well what depression feels like. His experience with the illness came to the forefront after being dismissed as pastor of a baptist church in Alabama. It was his sinful decisions that caused the fallout and led to a series of events that would change his life forever.

“I never would have imagined that I would be dealing with something like depression,” says Bell. “I thought if you could laugh about things, there was no way you could be depressed.”
But after walking through the lowest time in his life, he was contacted by Dr. Barry Cosper who serves as the Director of Missions for the Bessemer Baptist Association in Alabama who not only encouraged and mentored Mickey, but he got him the help he needed.
Weekly trips to meetings and psychologists, Bell started on his journey to realizing how depression worked and how he could learn to adapt to the lifestyle of not allowing it to overtake him. And he is spending his time now helping others have more good days than bad.
Mickey Bell/ Huckabee Show

Mickey Bell

“Reverse the Course of Depression,” is the latest book by Mickey and is set to be released nationally on December 23rd.  It’s a book that not only addresses issues that others don’t want to really talk about but Bell also shares with you how he deals with the symptoms that come with the illness.

“You would never tell a cancer patient to ‘just get over it’ so why do we think it’s okay to say that to someone battling depression?” Bell said.  Mickey serves as pastor for the people at Grace Church Bessemer each weekend but travels during the week all over the nation sharing his message of hope and brighter days.
During this holiday season, if you find yourself crying more than you laugh or you know someone that is battling the illness of depression and you just don’t know what to say to them, consider ordering your copy of Mickey Bell’s book.  You can find out more information by visiting

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Suicide and Depression and Jesus

Written by Staff on September 15, 2019 – 9:41 am -

Suicide and depression and Jesus

Jarrid Wilson

This week tragedy struck the Christian community as another, young, Christian leader lost his battle with depression (read about Jarrid Wilson HERE). I didn’t know him, but the tributes that flooded my newsfeed testified of the kind man he was…kind, loving, compassionate, honest, open.

Several publications wrote of his life and work while endeavoring to shed light on the personal, internal struggles he faced.

Sadly, some took the route of the Pharisees claiming this the “unforgivable sin” and insinuated he would face eternal damnation.

I was deeply troubled by some of these claims. Without initiating meritless, theological debate, I challenge each of my fellow believers to consider the following.

1. Family members read what is posted on social media. Grieving spouses, children, parents and siblings peruse their newsfeeds and see these callous thoughts. Many families have been touched by suicide, and the negativity is anything but helpful or healing.

2. On any given day there are people we come in contact with who are struggling. This is a cruel age in which we live. Heartbroken souls are looking for hope and comfort. Social media is a medium that connects us with hurting people around the world with the click of a button. How are we using that influence?

3. None of us can really grasp what the man was struggling with. We cannot know his heart nor his struggles fully and to pass judgement on him is anything but Christlike.

May God give us a revival of love in our hearts to show compassion for the broken and hurting who surround us everyday…most of whom we do not even know about.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:


Suicide and Depression and Jesus

Derek Simonis

By Derek Simonis

First published by Derek Simonis on his Facebook page

Find out more about Derek Simonis here: and at or call (877) 768-2606

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