Tammy C. Bogle’s Debut Radio Release, “Mama’s Prayers”

IMG_6461Branson, MO — Award-winning artist, Tammy C. Bogle’s first radio release, “Mama’s Prayers” has debuted on Cashbox Magazine’s “Christian Country” Chart at #87. The popular song has also debuted on Christian Music Weekly’s “Christian Country” Chart at #2.

Tammy says, “I’m so excited that God is blessing this song, and I pray that its message reaches out to those who need to hear it. I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the DJs who are playing this song.”

Penned by Tammy, “Mama’s Prayers” was inspired by God from her personal experience with alcoholism after an 8 year abusive marriage.

“After the marriage ended, I was left broken and my life was shattered,” Tammy explains. “My mom stayed on her knees night and day in prayer for her baby girl, me, and then God picked me up out of the pit I was in. Since then, He has called me to minister to people who are broken and feel like they are nothing and that no one will ever love them. That is my ministry; singing, writing songs and ministering to broken misfits like I once was, telling them that Jesus loves them and He will put their broken lives back together. God loves us misfit toys.”

For more information, please contact Tammy C Bogle at 580-382-1003 or via email at tammycbogle@gmail.com. You can connect with Tammy via her website at http://www.tammycbogle.com.

About Tammy C. Bogle: Tammy is a multi-award winning singer and songwriter, who loves Jesus and uses every opportunity that the Lord gives her to minister to those who are hurting and need to know that Jesus is there for them. She also has a heart to minister to women. Her testimony is one of tragedies and triumphs, of addiction and abuse, of going from a life in the pit to a life in the palace. She is a wonderful speaker, teacher and ladies evangelist. She wants ladies everywhere to know that we are all God’s princesses and we are all beautiful to the Lord. Her ladies ministry is based on Prov. 31:10. Tammy and her husband, James, are full-time music evangelists who travel Nationwide throughout the year, with their two sons who God also uses in ministry, spreading God’s Word.