The Barkley Family announces a changing to selective dates

We started singing in 1981 in revivals across Louisiana before going full time in 1987.Roger Barkley Jr will be doing more solo dates where ever God opens the door along with his duties at Chapel Valley as Publishing Administrator and his role with Wilds & Associates.
In an open letter on their website Curtis Barkley states “I will be taking some time to seek God s Will in this new facet of my life. It’s been an extremely tough decision to slow down after going full tilt all these years, but I need to take some time to heal, grieve, and just try to dial in on exactly what it is God wants for me to do. Julia and I covet your prayers during this time and will still be available for select dates. ”
Bennie Barkley will do the selective dates with the Barkley Family as dates come and be helping family at home. If you wish to have any of the Barkley Family you can still contact them through their website.

Roger Barkley Jr says “We are not retiring just kinda re-treading. We are excited for what God has in store for us as we embark on yet another journey. We have so much to be thankful for over these many years and can’t wait to spread the news that Jesus Still is in the saving business.”

Please be praying for us all.

You can still keep up with all 3 ministries from the website