The Journeys – “Just the Way I Am”

The Journeys – “Just the Way I Am”

Sharps Chapel, TN – Chapel Valley releases another heart-stirring song, sung by The Journeys. This mother/son duo gives audiences all over the nation a candid look at how God can use someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder to touch lives in a powerful way. As Ben unapologetically sings, “God knows my name by heart. You look at me and you may see someone who’s not like you might be, but God made me just the way I am,” the message is unmistakable. God has a plan and a purpose for every single life He has created.

Donna Journey shared, “Shane Roark called me and said, I took my kids to school this morning and God gave me a song for Ben. The song is titled, ‘Just the Way I Am.’ It was as if Shane had taken a pen or a pencil and literally sketched Ben.” Shane said, “This song fits Ben so perfectly, but the words apply to each and every one of us. We are wonderfully made and every one of our lives was created with a purpose. God doesn’t make mistakes. It is our own humanness that sometimes causes us to be blinded by the beauty of our unique individualism.”

Psalm 139 paints a beautiful image of how unique each life is and how intentional God’s plan was for each and every one of us – even before we were conceived! His word says that He knit us together in His womb and we are fearfully and wonderfully made. As Donna and her son, Ben sing praises to their Maker, the message is unmistakable. There is never an excuse for us not to praise Him.

In 1994, Greg and Donna Journey welcomed their beautiful son, Ben into this world. As Ben grew, it became clear that he struggled to communicate with other children and at age two-and-a-half, Greg and Donna were devastated to receive the news that their son was Autistic and would not communicate verbally. Their miracle… their perfect son… this child they had hopes and dreams for, was not what some would consider “normal.” Ben has verbally expressed his commitment to Jesus Christ. He knows the Savior he sings to! Ben loves to sing and play piano, acoustic and electric guitar, and banjo.

The Journeys have been nominated “Sunshine Duet of the Year” for the 2021 Diamond Awards. Their new CD “He is Able” released on September 14th. Learn more about The Journeys online at: or on their Facebook page.
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