The Mark Dubbeld Family Van Broken Into And Robbed

Greenwood, IN (April 15, 2013) For the second time in one week another Southern Gospel family has been robbed. Earlier this weekdubbeld family Wilburn and Wilburn were robbed as they went in to eat at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant. This time the Mark Dubbeld Family had their van broken into and valuables taken.

In the words of Mark Dubbeld “My wife, Vincent and I were doing some shopping in Greenwood, IN at the Mall and we had gone into the store to purchase some clothes for the group. When we came out we just got into the Van and took off. Then all of a sudden Vincent said ‘Where is my computer?’ I said ‘Are you sure you had it in the Van?’ He said ‘Yes!’. Then I remembered that I had been charging my smartphone in the vehicle…So we quickly pulled back into the Mall area and tried to flag down a security car. Once he came over we saw where the thief had broken into the drivers side door and there was a hole in the side door near the the key lock.”

As they thought the situation over for a bit Mark said “We were shocked, but yet at the same time very thankful. We had all of our wallets with us and we only lost our money bag with about $125.00 in it, Vincent lost his Mac Computer, and I lost my smart phone, but we are all safe and sound.”

The Dubbelds have been working since then to secure all email and other accounts. They wish to thank everyone for praying for their family this weekend. They are grateful for being able to continue on to Illinois for their concerts on Sunday. Mark said “We trust in the strength of our Lord for his Blessing and continued help.”