The NEW Young Harmony

{EHA-Nashville, TN} Rick Hendrix of The Rick Hendrix Company and Johnathan Bond of Young Harmony announce the NEW YOUNG HARMONY.  The group consist of Johnathan Bond, Noel Walters and Darlene Champman.  Johnathan askes that you come by their booth (740) and meet Noel and Darlene.  Noel and Darlene began helping out Young Harmony at the end of October 2009 and officially took the positions earlier this year.

Young Harmony has been traveling since 1994, is Multi-Dove Nominated, and  travels approximately 200 singing dates per year and has recorded a total of 15 projects.

On a side note, as a gift to the fans, as well as any Radio Professionals, everyone who mentions Johnathan’s birthday (10/11) will get a free copy of the new Young Harmony cd, Still Standing Strong.

For Booking’s:
Johanthan Bond
(888) 291-7161
Rick Hendrix
Publicity Contact:
TJG Media & Design
(615) 682-2051