The Promise Trio Signs Agreement With AG Publicity

Indian Trial, NC (April 16, 2013) Dynamic young trio, The Promise Trio has signed an extensive publicity agreement with AG Publicitypromisetriopromo.

Deon Unthank of AG Publicity commented, “Though The Promise Trio has not been around a long time, I have watched them grow in their talents and status in Gospel Music. I feel they have a lot to offer with their various ministries and they have the ambition to go forward with what God has called them to do.”

The trio consists of Rick Blessing, Debra Carter Peele and Tina McKinney Booth. Each individual reaches the hearts of people in different ways. Rick has been singing since he was a child in different arenas. He has a vast knowledge of how music outside of the church is performed. Debra reaches out to people who feel they do not belong anywhere. Her personal testimony of feeling not wanted and not fitting in allows her to reach multitudes of people who have similar problems with the solution that Jesus is the answer to their needs. Tina has a strong testimony of how God healed her as a child. Put all three of those together and you have one powerful ministering team.

Debra Carter Peele stated “Almost six years ago, I felt the Lord leading me to start a group that would sing praises to Him but I resisted. I do not read a note of music and I had a terrible fear of speaking in front of people, much less singing. Then, I lost my hearing in my right ear in an accident. How could the Lord use me? I was broken and unqualified. In an act of obedience, I started The Promise Trio. Praise goes to God; He delivered me from the fear. He sent me Tina McKinney Booth and Rick Blessing and we have been ministering ever since.”

The Promise Trio can be reached to minister at your church or concert at,, and you can also reach her at