Throwback Thursday- The Lefevres


The LeFevres, or The Singing LeFevres, were an American Southern gospel singing group, active for nearly 50 years in the middle of the twentieth century.

The LeFevres were a family from Smithville, Tennessee, and their singing group centered on brothers Urias LeFevre (1910–1979) and Alphus LeFevre (1912–1988). As children, they sang with their sister Maude LeFevre until she married, then their sister Omega LeFevre (Peggy) until she married; their career as an ensemble began in 1921. Both sang in quartets at the Bible Training School in Cleveland, Tennessee. Urias and Eva Mae Whittington (1917–2009) married in 1934; she became the pianist and alto in their newly formed trio. That’s how it all began…..


Today, we honor the Lefevres on Throwback Thursday…