Trio Formerly Known As Declaration Announces New Name

Declaration New Name Is  Allegiance
Declaration New Name Is Allegiance

NASHVILLE, TN – December 9, 2014 — Today, the group known as Declaration – Kasey Kemp, Jake Sammons, and TJ Evans – announce their new name. Effective immediately, the talented trio will officially be known as Allegiance.

Kasey Kemp and Jake Sammons began this group over three years ago. At the time, searches by their attorney found that no businesses in the state of Tennessee or nationally were using the name. Recently, they were alerted that a secular group had trademarked the name, and they would have to cease using it. Thus, a search for a new name began.
Announcing their situation via video and asking for friends help via social media, over 500 name suggestions were sent in from all over the United States and even the United Kingdom. After much prayer and legal counsel, the group has changed the name.
“We’ve been overwhelmed with support from our friends during this time,” Kasey Kemp stated. “We’re so thankful for the support from all of our friends across the country and know that God has great things in store for Allegiance. He has blessed us, and we know he will continue.”
With a brand new album in the works, the name change, and an ever-growing calendar on the books, the group is looking forward to an exciting 2015!
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Allegiance is represented by the Adoration Agency. Contact Sophia Davis to schedule an appearance at 615-590-7453.