Triple L Band Utilizes New Technology

Triple L Band, Front Porch Fellowship Awards “New Artist Of The Year,” is utilizing new technology in the marketing of their new CD.  Triple L Band is a fast rising Bluegrass Gospel band that has already been using various social media outlets to market their music.  However, they believe this new technological tool will be the next step artists use to introduce fans to their music.  This technology is known as a Microsoft Tag and can be scanned by a smart phone so that you can hear music clips from the artist.  Triple L Band’s new CD project “Are You Ready” comes equipped with the tag on the back of the CD.  Therefore, when someone picks up the CD at a bookstore or concert they can sample the music or hear the new single without opening the CD packaging.  This will help in retail environments where a listening kiosk is not present.

Terry Hudson of Hudson Media Concepts and manager of Triple L Band says, “The tag will also be placed in magazine articles and ads about the group as well as concert posters.  This will enable Triple L Band to have a wider marketing circle.”  For more information contact Hudson Media Concepts at (828) 692-7099 or visit  For more information on Triple L Band, visit them online at