The Troy Burns Quartet
The Troy Burns Quartet

Woodstock, Georgia (June 10, 2018) — Troy Burns introduced his new quartet this morning, in Woodstock, Georgia. Troy and Tammy Burns were joined onstage by Ethan McMelly and Cole Watson, presenting the debut of the Troy Burns Quartet.

The Troy Burns Quartet
Troy and Tammy Burns

Burns began his career 54 years ago with the Inspirations. Later, he became involved with the Smokey Mountain Reunion and also did some solo engagements.

In 2011, Troy and his wife, Tammy, formed the Troy Burns Family.  They sang as a duet and trio for several years.
Ethan McMelly of the Troy Burns Quartet
Ethan McMelly of the Troy Burns Quartet

However, Troy says, “Something I’ve always wanted was a quartet.”

Burns had welcomed Ethan McMelly to the trio about two months ago.  Ethan, who is from Cleveland, Tenn., sings bass for the group. 
Cole Watson joins the Troy Burns Quartet
Cole Watson joins the Troy Burns Quartet0

Today, joining the group for the first time, is bartone vocalist Cole Watson, from Gadsden, Alabama. 

Watson is no stranger to gospel music. His dad, Mike, formed the group Exodus, where Watson got his professional start.
 Troy Burns QuartetThe Troy Burns Quartet presented the morning worship service at Carmel Baptist Church in Woodstock, Georgia. 
Watson’s family was in attendance to see him perform with Troy, Tammy and McMelly.
The quartet did an outstanding job and were warmly received by the audience.
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