The True Spirit of Thanksgiving, Prayers for Jason Clark and Family…..

img_4163Many of us gathered around the table with our families today and ate Turkey and Dressing and lots of delicious food. As I looked at Facebook tonight, I saw two posts made by our friend Jason Clark.

The first one about 4 hours ago:

Just got off the phone with my dad.
My mom is in critical condition with a heart attack and 100% blockage to her main artery. They will perform open heart surgery with the hopes of 4-bypasses. They got her to the hospital very fast and believe they were timely enough that prevented major damage from the heart attack.

My mom has many Alzheimer’s patients that she cares for 24/7 and was just about to serve them and their families Thanksgiving Dinner at the time of her Heart Attack.

Thank you for your continued prayers!


The second one, about an hour ago:

So many friends have come to our side to offer their assistance and many more from literally all around the world have sent messages letting us know they are praying.

A friend and an employee of American Airlines, got me on a plane from Orlando to Miami (just landed) and now on my way to be in Louisville by tonight!

Michael English was on vacation with his family this weekend and has offered to fill in for me singing (pretty good fill-in👍). His manager Kevin, is going to road manage and look out for the girls as well.

I was also gonna be the bus-driver this weekend, and I’ve already had several offers there.

I feel so blessed and I’m reminded what a powerful, unstoppable force friendship is. Love can accomplish literally anything.

Nothing stronger than a mother’s love and I’m blessed so many of you have stepped up so I could be with mine during this time.

This is the True Spirit of Thanksgiving.  We are all praying for your You and Your Mom Jason!

Thank you for sharing……