Update on Tracy Stuffle

From Libbi

Tracy Stuffle Updated: 10/19/17 – 1:00am

I’m fixing to call it a night, but thought I would give another update on Tracy. He has been doing great! He’s been cutting up with the nurses and being his funny self! All his vitals are doing great and his Dr said, if he does great through the night, he may get to go home later today (Thursday).
Thank y’all for all the prayers that were offered in his behalf!!! We have felt every one of them!! Please, don’t stop praying, we will take all the prayers we can get and then some!!
Thank You God for covering Tracy and giving him a great day!!! Goooo GOD Goooo!!!!! We love You!

Tracy had a visitor yesterday (Weds) from one of his main ICU nurses from when he had his stroke almost 5 yrs ago. Her name is Ms Kay Smith. She treated Tracy as if he were her own son!! Tracy got to tell her today how much he appreciated her love for him! Every nurse could take lessons from her on how to treat the patient with love and compassion! We love you Ms Kay!!!


Tracy and Libbi,

We at SGN Scoops are praying for you!