Vestal Goodman Remembered

Vestal Goodman
Vestal Goodman

Vestal Goodman is a legend and an icon in Gospel music. Although she passed away on this date in 2003, she lives on in Ggaither videos and in the minds and hearts of Gospel music fans. The lady with a big voice, big hair and colorful flowing outfits, Vestal had a distinctive vocal styling that many tried to copy and few succeeded.

More than that, Mrs. Goodman had a heart that accepted everyone and a soul that loved to talk to her Heavenly Father. Anyone who had the honor of hearing her pray felt the power of the Holy Spirit and the brush of angel wings in the room.

imageBorn on December 13, 1929, Vestal Freeman married Howard Goodman on November 7, 1949, joining the Happy Goodman Family and taking their sound to new heights. She won the Female Vocalist of The Year Dove Award in 1969, after which the Happy Goodman family went on to win many Grammy and Dove Awards.

Showcasing the vocals of the Queen of Gospel Music, is this video of Vestal Goodman singing, “In The Presence Of The King.”


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