Want To Work In A Great Christian Atmosphere?

Want To Work In A Great Christian Atmosphere?
Want To Work In A Great Christian Atmosphere?

Business Development Representative

Job Description:

WPIL FM is a non-profit station in Heflin, Alabama. We are a ministry devoted to changing lives for Christ through Christian music. Our Heflin station at 91.7FM covers the city with encouraging and positive music. WPIL FM is committed to building a stronger Heflin and surrounding area by partnering with the community.

As a WPIL FM Business Development Representative in Heflin, you will start and grow relationships with business partners. The ministry of WPIL FM is partially funded by our committed partners. Our new representative will connect with Heflin businesses every day to find business partners and market them to the WPLI FM audience.

Are you ready to grow WPIL FM in Heflin and the surrounding area by influencing partners for the ministry of WPIL? If so, apply to be our new Business Development Representative. Be a part of God’s vision for Christian Radio in Alabama.

Day-to-Day assignments

The Business Development Representative identifies prospective underwriters for the radio station, initiates business conversation, proposes business solutions that feature supporting our station and adjusts the business solution to keep pace with the changing nature of the underwriters’ organization.

Usual and Customary Duties:

The professional Business Development Representative will pursue the successful completion of the following duties on a regular basis:
• Identifying prospective station underwriters
• Engage existing/new local/national businesses and organizations to partner with the station through underwriting, including on-air, online and other forms of sponsorships.
• Creating proposals for underwriter presentations
• Developing a consistent pool of prospective underwriters
• Adjusting underwriting messages to improve performance for underwriters
• Upgrading underwriters to increase their budgets on our station
• Writing broadcast copy for underwriters
• Implementing station standards for complying with federal, state, local and company regulations and policies
• Timely and accurate completion of reporting requirements, agreements, adjustments, copy and other essential forms
• Following standards of conduct for the station and university
• Attends staff meetings as required for coordination with staff and resources
• Display respect for team members, their roles and responsibilities
• Other duties as may be assigned by supervisors and ad hoc team leaders

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:

To most effectively perform in this role, the candidate will require
A lifestyle in agreement with the Christian values and Scriptural commandments.
Effective, attractive personality.
Sales experience, (3) year minimum.
Proficient in making cold calls and stewardship calls.
Experienced at networking and documenting relationships through a contact management system.
Proficiency in standard office computer software tools (i.e.: word, excel, outlook, etc.)

Please Call Rob Patz At 360 933 0741 Or Email Rob@sgnscoops.com