Weekend Word from SGNScoops

Weekend Word from SGNScoops

Weekend Word from SGNScoopsDoes anyone notice what we do? Do we always have to act like Christians?

The Apostle Paul mentioned in his letter to the Hebrews in the New Testament that we as Christians are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. Not only are those that have passed on before us witnesses to the lives that are led by Christ, but each of us has witnesses to how we live. We may not all have the great audiences that attend gospel concerts with artists such as the Perrys, watching and listening to us, but we have family, friends, neighbors and strangers who pass by us, that notice how we conduct ourselves.


I recently heard another story about a Christian who was not acting justly, loving mercy or offering hope in their conduct. It hurt me to discover that this ordinary person, thinking no one was watching, was underhand in their business dealings. I’m sure you have heard those kinds of stories too and were saddened by them.


Weekend Word

Would someone who is always with you for every moment of every day discover that you are true to your label as “Christian,” or would they wonder about your commitment when they saw you lie, cheat, or steal. It gives me pause to think that someone who knew me intimately would think that I wasn’t being true to that which others assume I am because I claim to know Christ.


You know where I am going with this. There is someone who knows absolutely everything I do, say, think, and believe. Jesus is living in my heart and knows when I talk trash about someone behind their back or speak rudely to the cashier. He knows all of my business. He knows all of my thoughts. He even knows my deepest beliefs about God and all those around me.


What would you do differently if you kept in mind that Jesus knows everything? What would I have to confess if I really believed in the omniscience of the Almighty?

I hope and pray that we each grasp the reality of God in this world and in our lives. If you are unsure about whether you know Jesus as your Savior and Lord, please email me at lorraine@sgnscoops.com He wants to know you, inside and all, good and bad, and he wants to draw you closer to him. Trust his love today.

By Lorraine Walker . Excerpted from the Editor’s  Last  Word, SGNScoops Magazine July 2018.