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New Decade – New Members – New Excitement – Ed O’Neal’s Dixie Melody Boys Pressing Forward In 2020

Written by Staff on January 9, 2020 – 7:14 am -

Dixie Melody Boys 2020

Dixie Melody Boys (pictured l-r): Willie Sawry, Cayden Howell, Ed O’Neal, Derrick Boyd and Earl Roberts

Kinston, NC – The year of 2019 was one filled with numerous changes for a man who is no stranger to change. Ed O’Neal, long-time Dixie Melody Boys’ owner/manager, SGMA Hall of Fame member and 60-year Southern Gospel Music veteran has endured the test of time. As has often been stated, Ed O’Neal is no stranger to changes and adversities. In fact, over the past five and a half decades he has seen over 90 personnel changes. “That has to be a record in this business,” Ed says with a chuckle.

The past year saw more group personnel changes for the seasoned veteran; however, the adversity he personally experienced throughout much of 2019 seemed to be one of his biggest challenges. “On April 1, I was involved in a pretty serious automobile accident,” he recalls. “It has been a tough recovery, and it

Update On Ed O'Neal of Dixie Melody Boys

Update On Ed O’Neal

seemed when I was getting past the injuries from the accident, more health issues popped up. I will admit that it has been a tough road, but I am so thankful that I am doing much better and able to get back on the road and enjoy singing and traveling again.”

During the summer and fall of 2019, health issues made it difficult for O’Neal to travel. “During the time I wasn’t able to travel, Willie (Sawrey) and the other guys worked really hard to fulfill the commitments we had, and they did a very good job. I continued to manage the group, just as I always have, even though I couldn’t be on the road,” Ed explains. “There were a lot of rumors circulating that I was never coming back on the road and that I was selling the group or that the group was coming off the road, but we were able to prove those rumors to be false. The truth is, I am committed to managing The Dixie Melody Boys as long as I am able to do so. I’ve put a lot of years into The Dixie Melody Boys. I love the promoters and the pastors who have supported us over the years. They are lifelong friends, and I am thankful that over the past month or so I have been able to get back on the road and have enjoyed seeing many of those friends again.”
Mr Ed, as he is affectionately known by many of those lifelong friends, is delighted with the group of young men who are now a part of the Dixie Melody Boys, and who are helping him carry on the musical tradition that began nearly six decades ago. In addition to Ed and Willie Sawrey, who has been with the group for almost four years and serves as the quartet’s baritone and road manager, former Dixie Melody Boys’ tenor, Derrick Boyd has rejoined the group. “Derrick is a great tenor who traveled with me back in the 90s,” Ed states. “It’s really good to have him back. He has made a lot of friends over the years, having traveled with groups like The Kingsmen, The Anchormen and The Toney Brothers. He has over 30 years experience and that is very valuable.”
Serving as the group’s lead singer is Booneville, MS, native, Cayden Howell. Unlike his fellow quartet members, Cayden is new to the Southern Gospel Music field but he is delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of a group with such a rich history. Being a part of the Dixie Melody Boys fulfills a life-long dream for the Southern Gospel newcomer who grew up loving the quartet sounds. “There’s just something about the four-part harmony. I’ve loved quartet music since the first time I heard it, and I am so thankful and blessed to be singing with The Dixie Melody Boys. I’m ready to see what God has in store for the future,” Cayden states. “We are delighted to have Cayden on board with The Dixie Melody Boys. He is a talented young man who comes from a wonderful family,” Ed shares about his 18-year-old lead vocalist.
As a result of the numerous health issues encountered during 2019, Ed made the decision to add yet another vocalist to The Dixie Melody Boys. “It became pretty apparent to me that there would be some weeks that I physically would not be able to travel with the group,” he explains, “but I felt it very important that even when I was unable to be at an engagement that the Dixie Melody Boys would be delivering what the audience was expecting. It was important for me to find the best person to fill the role of bass singer.” Ed found this in 40-year veteran and Tunnel Hill, GA, resident Earl Roberts. Earl first began singing at the tender age of 15 and over the past four decades he has sang with numerous regional groups from the state of Georgia and is delighted to join the ranks of the full-time road warriors. “I had been seeking a full-time position in Southern Gospel Music for a while and had been praying for God’s direction. This led to the position with The Dixie Melody Boys, and I am having a great time.”
With new excitement Ed O’Neal and The Dixie Melody Boys look forward to new opportunities in 2020. “We are very excited about the future. I believe I have four guys who are willing to work hard and embrace whatever 2020 brings. I will admit the past year has been really tough but God has brought us to a great place,” Ed states.
Ed O’Neal’s love for the people, his desire to always present quality music, united with his desire to never compromise his responsibility to spread the Gospel through Southern Gospel Music in a professional manner has allowed The Dixie Melody Boys to remain at the forefront of Southern Gospel Music for nearly six decades. A brief conversation with this Southern Gospel living legend confirms the vigor and vitality he possesses. It’s that spirit and love for singing Gospel music that drives him each day. “I want to see The Dixie Melody Boys continue the great tradition I started a long time ago. At 83 years of age, I still love to do what I do. As I have said many times, the faces and the names may change, but The Dixie Melody Boys still have a message to share, and even after all these years I still believe God has great things in store. I’m excited about the good guys I have with me, and I’m excited about what lies ahead in 2020. I think it’s gonna be a great year!”
Anyone interested in scheduling The Dixie Melody Boys may contact the Beckie Simmons Agency at 615-595-7500 or via email at

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SGN Scoops Magazine Welcome WCGW 770 AM

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 8, 2020 – 2:03 pm -

SGN Scoops Magazine Welcome WCGW 770 AM

SGN Scoops Magazine Welcome WCGW 770 AM

WCGW Central Kentucky’s Gospel Music Station,glad to be part of the SGN Scoops family…” Bruce Edwards


Listen To WCGW Here

WCGW is a mainstay in Southern Gospel music and I’m so happy that Bruce and his team are now part of our family at SGN Scoops Magazine

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SGN Scoops Magazine Welcomes WGOG

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 7, 2020 – 3:28 pm -

SGN Scoops Magazine Welcomes WGOG

SGN Scoops Magazine Welcomes WGOG

Happy to be charting for SGN Scoops! Great chart and I believe it to be “fair & balanced.” – Tom Rusk

Listen To WGOG Here

Tom has a great knowledge of Southern Gospel and Radio and I’m so excited that he is part of our family at SGN Scoops Magazine – Rob Patz

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StowTown Records Signs The Steeles to Label

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 7, 2020 – 12:23 pm -

StowTown Records Signs The Steeles to Label

StowTown Records Signs The Steeles to Label

Nashville, TN  – StowTown Records recently added a well-known artist to their roster. The Steeles, comprised of Jeff and Sherry Steele and their son Brad, have worked as independent artists for the last several years. While their church commitments keep them close to home in Alabama, The Steeles have continued to write and perform music that has consistently charted on The Singing News Top 40 charts.

They feel the time is right for them to reconnect with fans and the industry by being a part of a record label, and StowTown Records is thrilled to be their new home. For co-owner and producer Wayne Haun, it feels like they are just picking up where they left off. “I worked with The Steeles 25 years ago. Most gospel music fans know our rich history together. It’s been at least 10 years since I last got to work with them and this just feels like going back home. Not much has changed – except Brad has grown up to be a powerhouse musician and songwriter in his own rite!”

Jeff and Sherry are happy to be working with their friend Wayne Haun and the team at StowTown. Jeff shares, “It’s been a long time since we were in the studio for a label and quite frankly I had said it would never happen again.” Sherry continues “Wayne has been family to The Steeles for 25 years. We just never allowed that door to close. We feel like it’s God’s timing, and we are excited.”

The Steeles’ first StowTown project will release in Spring 2020, and the first single to release to radio later this month.

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SGN Scoops Magazine Welcomes KWFC

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 6, 2020 – 9:37 am -

SGN Scoops Magazine Welcomes KWFC

SGN Scoops Magazine Welcomes KWFC

KWFC is excited to be a part of SGN Scoops  charting for Southern Gospel Music. I’ve admired Rob Patz’s commitment to promoting Southern Gospel Music ever since I was a small boy, and it is a joy to join him in his ongoing passion! 🙂  – Dave Taylor

Listen To KWFC Here

I love KWFC and the heart that they have for the southern gospel industry and I’m really proud to have Dave Taylor as a friend and sounding board for industry ideas – Rob Patz

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Day Three Announces Departure

Written by scoopsnews on January 5, 2020 – 1:28 pm -

For Immediate Release:

Mobile, AL  – It is with heartfelt emotion that Day Three announces the departure of baritone vocalist, Bo Sullivan.  Bo was a founding member of Day Three, formed in December, 2016.  He will be missed.

Bo notified the group on Thursday, January 2, his desire to come off the road.  With elderly parents, Bo feels his time is needed closer to home and we certainly understand and respect that.  Bo was reluctant in his decision, but felt that God was very clear in His direction for the upcoming season of his life. “Bo is one of those guys that just kind of fits everywhere he lands.  He’s traveled with me the last 6 years both in my quartet, Azalea City and with Day Three.  He’s so much fun to travel with.  I hate to see him leave,” states Washam.  Bo brought more than 35 years experience to Day Three and his absence will leave a void.

Day Three will begin accepting applications immediately for this position. Anyone interested in being considered for the baritone position should submit an email consisting of a recent photo, short biography, MP3 or Video clip to  YouTube links as accepted as well.
Applicants must be a born-again Christian and be able to hear and sing parts.  They must live within a reasonable commute to Mobile, AL.  Day Three currently travels 75-150 dates per year which often includes leaving early Friday afternoons, and getting back to Mobile in the wee hours of Monday morning.

Please lift Bo, his family, Day Three, our staff and our families in constant prayer that God will send the right person along for our ministry.

Scott Washam, Manager
Day Three

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“Musical Moments”- Brian Free, Ricky Free , and Jude Free

Written by scoopsnews on January 5, 2020 – 9:02 am -

Jude Free, “Grandson of Brian Free” and “Son of Ricky Free”

Proverbs 22:6

 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

written by: Vonda Armstrong

Last week at Vision Baptist Church in Petal, Mississippi, Brian Free and Assurance were singing. During one of the songs, Brian’s grandson, Jude was standing in the back praising the Lord. From generation to generation, praising our Lord and Savior, I witnessed it and will never forget it.  What a “Musical Moment!”

Ricky Free stated,”During one of the songs, Jude just stood up and praised the Lord like no one was watching and he didn’t care if they were.”

Ricky Free, Bill Shivers, and Brian Free

Happy Sunday Everyone! Enjoy this song by Brian Free and Assurance.





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SGN Scoops Magazine Welcomes WTJT And WGYV

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 3, 2020 – 9:09 am -

WTJT and WGYV are thrilled to be contributing our Top 30 chart each month to SGN Scoops. We applaud their efforts to provide the most comprehensive Southern Gospel news, whether airplay or artist information. – Robert Williamson


Listen To WTJT Here

We excited about adding WTJT to our SGN Scoops Magazine family Robert and his team do an awesome job playing the greatest music in the world – Rob Patz

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Roaring Twenties Fast: Are You Ready

Written by Staff on January 3, 2020 – 7:37 am -


Roaring Twenties Fast


IF NOT US, THEN WHO? IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN? Roaring twenties fast Jon GrovesThis year, you are strategically positioned to see the greatest wave of salvations and growth the church has seen in modern history.
Read below to find out how:
God laid an idea on the heart of my friends and me, and lately it’s become a reality.  We’re calling 1 million young people to fast and pray for revival and consecration in the next generation.

Leaders are encouraging a 21-day period starting on January 5, 2020 to fast however God leads you – or you can fast another time throughout the year.

The younger generations have rarely been taught about fasting and thus do not know the power of it. But if we want to see God do something new in and through us, we’re going to have to be stretched in new ways.

“When you fast, you encounter and realize the presence of God in such a unique way. My desire for all those who participate is that just as Jacob left his encounter with God having a limp, that my generation would forever be dissatisfied with anything less than a miraculous move of God.

There is a group for all 50 states and many other countries.
To visit the website, click here.  Or type “Roaring Twenties Fast – your state name” into facebook.

“The call for one million young people to fast and pray is historic but must not be about any one church, leader, organization or denomination but rather a collective of believers young and old who sense that God is about to do something historic in the roaring twenties,” said Dr. Malachi O’Brian about the Jon Groves on Roaring Twenties Fast.

“Throughout history, every time there has been a communication shift, revival has almost assuredly followed,” said Jon Groves, who serves as one of the leaders in “Digital Billy Grahams,” a ministry project by Think Eternity. “People took note of a new medium by which to flood their contexts with the message of revival.

“Now, with the explosiveness of new social media networks, there has never been a greater opportunity to flood the globe with the message of the gospel. Our phones have become larger pulpits than our heroes ever preached on.”

Groves explained, “It’s incredible to me how my generation is searching for answers and ancestors online in an attempt to discover purpose and peace. When in actuality, connectivity, purpose, peace …family… it’s all found in the kingdom of Christ.”

He said he doesn’t want “the roaring 20’s to be just another hype decade.”

“I’m asking God for a fresh outpouring of His Spirit, just as he promised in his word, so that the roar of this next decade will be heard for generations to come. An awakening. A revival. More than just viral posts. An infectious thirst for depth, consecration, and commitment to Christ,” Groves said.

You’ve probably noticed quite a bit happening in the Middle East or even in your own back yard that causes you to believe we are in the last days of the last days.  There is quite a bit to learn and understand from the book of Revelation as it collides with ancient history and modern day.  If you’d like to take a deep dive,  we’ll be putting out weekly video teachings as we go verse-by-verse through the entire book.  You’ll be provided with a downloadable PDF of the notes as well.

If you’re interested in The End Times,  CLICK HERE and select “The Bible Study” plan.

A powerful research study was done that found that 20 Million young people in America may find Christ if 4 steps were taken by the Church.

One of the surprising steps they found was that the world needs more “Digital Billy Grahams”.

This has become a growing burden God has put on our team at Think Eternity’s heart, including Matt Brown, Dr. Malachi O’Brien, Roger Coles, Rashawn Copeland and Jon Groves.

PASTOR – CLICK HERE – if you want to reach 100,000 people in your area and 1Million people around the world with the gospel through your church.

CHRISTIAN – CLICK HERE – if you’d be interested in a 13 week FREE training course on how to share the gospel digitally. 

We are launching some free resources for you wherever you listen to podcasts.

Dynamic Faith with Sammy Lopez – a podcast about life, leadership, and the pursuit of holiness.
The Preachers Kid with Eli Blevins – a resource for Preacher’s kids around the world.
Digital Missions – equipping believers to take Christ to culture.  Interviews with Christianity’s most influential leaders.
Jumpstart – sermons and stories to help you go the distance with Pastor/Evangelist Jon Groves


By Jon Groves

For more information, go to

For Gospel Music News go HERE.

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Don’t Miss This!

Written by scoopsnews on January 2, 2020 – 12:34 pm -

Don’t Miss This One!

It’s just a few days away… We would like to invite all our Facebook family and friends to the Benefit for Maryann Worley ‘s medical expenses. It is this Monday, January 6, 2020. Starting at 5:30 pm with dinner and singing at 7:00 pm. We are having a silent auction for many great items. Please come early to fellowship with us.

Check  out the details on the poster and make plans to be there!


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