Steeles Name Matthew Thompson As New Singer

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THE STEELES are excited to be beginning a new chapter in life and ministry!  About a year and a half ago Sherry and Jeff Steele joined forces with long time friend Andrew Ishee and began performing a series of dates called Monumental Monday’s with THE STEELES.  Jeff states “I was The Senior Pastor at our church and Andrew was the Worship pastor at his church and we arrived at Monday as about the only date we COULD work.  None of the three of us ever had any intention, nor did we ever even talk about ever doing this full-time again.  The dates were a resounding success but even THAT never became a conversation about going back full-time.  We were having too much fun!

The Lord began to deal with Sherry and I about going back.  We asked Andrew what HE thought and after some prayerful consideration he decided that (with he and his wife Sheree having two small children) the time was just not right for him.  There are absolutely NO hard feelings.  We could not love Drew any more than we do…still talk every day and are so happy for the time we shared together.”  Andrew says…”I DO love Sherry and Jeff.  I have known them all my life.  We have had a blast!  I am thrilled to see them take this opportunity to minister full-time on the road again.  I just feel like (and I learned this from Dr. Steele) that my most important ministry (at this time in life ) is to be a godly father to my two little girls and a “present” husband to my wife Sheree.   I will still do some of my piano concerts as the schedule allows and I will pray for the ministry of THE STEELES!”

THE STEELES conducted a nationwide search for a new singer and landed on another life-long family friend Matthew Thompson.  Matthew has sung previously and most recently with The Men of Music!  His brother Landon was a member of the group Testify and is now serving a church in Houston, TX.  He heard about the opening and recommended that Matthew try out for the position.  Sherry says “we are excited about this step of faith and trust the Lord for our future as we walk through this new door.”  Keep up with THE STEELES singing and preaching ministry @ and through Facebook and Twitter

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