11th Hour releases third album

11th Hour
11th Hour

11th Hour’s third national release, What A Moment, is one that changes everything.

The trio’s vocal power shines with sibling-like harmonies as the album moves from tent-shaking revival to soulful, moving ballads. Reminiscent of previous game-changing music mavericks like The Martins, their youthful energy exudes passion for the Gospel and is reflected through delivery of their deep south style with a flare of today’s contemporary music.

Influences span from the Muscle Shoals blues sound in “Look at Me Now” and Aretha Franklin vocal runs in “Ain’t No Bones” to the modern feel of “When God Shows Up” and “He Welcomes The Beggar.” The latter could easily be Natalie Grant or Mercy Me songs. Each of these influences are from artists that marked a new moment in music. 11th Hour now follows suit.

11th Hour“Mountain Moving Faith” is the new single that promises more moving moments from 11th Hour, with the fresh approach to Gospel Music that has already brought them #1 success.

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