4 Hymn Promotions signs with The Lighthouse Boys

The Lighthouse Boys4 Hymn Promotions is very happy to announce the first edition of its new West Coast Edition called 4 Hymn Promotions WC. We are also excited to have on board some very good friends of ours the The Lighthouse Boys from Bakersfield California. The Lighthouse Boys bring a great ministry that serves the needs of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Some may define a successful music artist as someone with mutli-platinum record sales and multiple top 10 hits and world wide recognition. All that stuff may be good; however when you talk to the guys in The Lighthouse Boys, success is a whole different concept. Success to The Lighthouse Boys means knowing that they are in God’s will, using the gifts that He has given to them for his purpose. For some artists, good family entertainment is their purpose, but for The Lighthouse Boys it has always been about ministry.

This kind of success has been clear since Mark Underwood & Steve Johnson first started back in 1974. For 40 years’ fans, concert goers and church congregations from all over have enjoyed the ministry and music of The Lighthouse Boys. With several of their own albums and guest appearances on other artist recordings and various compilations, The Lighthouse Boys have help carry the Gospel in Word and Song..

They have been seen and read about in several major Southern Gospel and secular media publications as well as making several local TV appearances and interviews on local Radio stations throughout the United States. They have appeared on stage at some of Southern Gospel’s more popular events. They have been nominated for several awards and they are winners of the 1980 “Californians Choice Award” for Best Band. Although members have changed over the years, still The Lighthouse Boys have always strived to maintain their unique sound. They are well known for bringing their own musical style to great Southern Gospel Classics, as well as writing and producing their own songs.

The Lighthouse Boys are one of the few “California” Southern Gospel Quartets that have accomplished many things over the years, yet today their success is found in their ministry, seeing the alters filled, souls saved, people delivered and healed. They still continue to minister with a strong commitment to a call that was given to them by God 40 years ago. Performing at Churches of all different denominations, their desire is to see the Church ready for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lighthouse Boys pray that when you attend a service or concert,
your life will be changed and you will feel the presence of God in song and the word.