6 Channels Added to Sky Angel WebTV: Subscribers Now Can Watch ALN, BlueHighways TV, NRB Network, Oldie Goldie Network, Ondas de Amor and Safe TV Worldwide

Sky Angel’s WebTV service recently added 6 great channels to the lineup: ALN, BlueHighways TV, NRB Network, Oldie Goldie Network, Ondas de Amor and Safe TV. Subscribers can now view these plus access more than 35 additional TV and radio channels. WebTV is Sky Angel’s newest way to view TV with channels that bring inspiration, news, and entertainment and give viewers access to a growing Video On Demand library. Learn more by visiting www.skyangel.com.

Sky Angel WebTV subscribers can watch some of the most inspiring channels streaming live 24/7 plus have access to one of the most popular features: 48 hour playback. Miss a program? Watch it anytime up to 48 hours after the original air date, no DVR needed.

ALN’s programming celebrates family lifestyle, cooking, laughter and hope and is dedicated to delivering wholesome programming 24 hours a day. BlueHighways TV offers a window into the experiences, music, neighborhoods, art, festivals and celebrations that, interwoven together, define America’s vivid culture and character. NRB Network broadcasts innovative, relevant programming including movies, talk shows, fitness programs, documentaries, sports shows, and concerts. The Oldie Goldie Network is a black and white channel that takes us down memory lane 24 hours a day with family-friendly programming from days gone by. Spanish-language Ondas de Amor includes shows appealing to all ages, from children to seniors, with news, national and international speakers and evangelists, music videos and concerts, crusades and health programs. Safe TV carries international news from DW Journal and breaking news reports from Bloomberg Television, outdoor and sports programs, educational shows and home and garden shows.

Other WebTV features let subscribers easily sort through TV and radio channels and On Demand programming to find favorite programs any time of day. Listen to some of the best faith-based radio channels, watch Video On Demand from an ever-growing library of titles and get share tools that allow subscribers to email friends or update Facebook or Twitter to let others know what they are watching or chat with others viewing the same program.