April 14, 2012 Declared “Ann Downing Ministries Day” in the State of Tennessee

Hendersonville, TN May 2, 2012   April 13-15 marked the 21st Annual Middle Tennessee Women’s Retreat, but the weekend also marked a life-long career highlight for the retreat’s hostess, lauded Gospel music soloist, Ann Downing.
Citing the memory of the late Paul Downing and the dream he shared with his bride, Ann, Governor Haslam noted the Middle Tennessee Women’s Retreat goal of providing an emotionally safe environment for women, the retreat’s yearly contribution to Tennessee tourism, and Ann’s 49 years of honorable representation of the state of Tennessee across the globe as reasons for the proclamation. The proclamation also lists Ann’s example of “sheer determination, faith, and hope” as further qualities making Ann and Ann Downing Ministries worthy recipients of the honor.
“My heart can’t take much more” were Downing’s initial words of response after the surprise presentation of the proclamation by long time friend, Mr. Jack Faris. As former CEO of the National Federation of Independent Business and former Executive Director of the Republican National Finance Committee, Faris’ presence for the presentation was as surprising as the proclamation itself. “As Paul and Ann’s banker of many years, it’s just fitting; and I’m honored to be a part of this celebratory occasion,” Faris said. “I’m trying to process it all,” Downing added. “April 14, 2012 is a day I’ll remember every year, and having my good friend Jack here to help celebrate, along with a wonderful group of ladies, makes it about as perfect as anything in this world could ever be.”