Are You Invested or Committed?

Are You Invested or Committed?
Are You Invested or Committed?

Are You Invested or Committed?

by Roger Barkley, Jr.

I am sure you have all heard the story about the farm where the animals got together and had a talk. They decided that they loved living there so much and the farmer took such good care of them that they would surprise him with breakfast.

The horse gathered the wheat and took it to the mill for the flour. The head rooster decided they should make the following menu: milk, butter, a cheese omelet with ham, sausage, and bacon. The old heifer bellowed out that she was proud to serve her delectable milk and cream with which they could make anything their little hearts desired.

The cackling hens were all a twitter and started collecting eggs right away.

The pig was silent. Everyone was rushing around doing something for the farmer and yet the pig was scorned because it seemed he was doing absolutely nothing.

As a tear rolled down his cheek, the pig spoke up and said, “It’s true the cow and the chickens, while serving a much-needed place, only have an investment while I have a decision to make and a commitment of my entire self.”

The barnyard was silent.

We can all relate, in one way or another, to the animals in the barnyard: the old heifer bragging on what she was doing; the cackling hens running around without thinking because they were so busy or so heavenly-minded that they were of no earthly good; and even to the pig.

A pastor friend told me once that we were all brought up out of the same mire of sin as that Prodigal son. It might have been one of us he was sitting by when he made a decision.

The decision is yours today of investment or commitment–wholehearted or halfhearted. Dad used to tell us boys that he didn’t care what we did for a living as long as we did it to the best of our ability. Whether you work on cars, work at a factory, sing, or shovel out a barn, do it the best you can. Be committed to what you do.

As this crazy world needs God more than ever, from our worship to ministry and to our daily walk, we likewise need to be committed more than ever. We need to be committed and not just invested.