Bass Singer, Will Lane, Returns to the Anchormen

Will Lane Anchormen
Will Lane Anchormen

Nashville, TN (Dec. 3, 2014) – The Anchormen are thrilled to welcome bass singer, Will Lane, BACK to the quartet.

Lane was a part of the Anchormen in 2003, and then exited the group in 2006 to help launch another ministry.  He is thrilled to return and the guys couldn’t be happier to have him.
He, along with tenor, Derrick Boyd (who recently joined the group), Jamie Caldwell (lead singer extraordinaire), and long-time, solid baritone singer, Terry Carter, are excited about what’s ahead for the Anchormen.
Will Lane’s first official appearance as the returning, outstanding, low down, bass singer for the group will be on December 27, 2014, in Lithia Springs, GA.
Additionally, the quartet is preparing for a brand new recording in 2015. They’re looking forward to the pre-production process, which includes searching for outstanding songs, along with their award-winning producer, Donna King.
Baritone singer and MC for the Anchormen, Terry Carter, shares, “We couldn’t be happier about what’s happening with this quartet right now.  As with so many of the events that take place on this journey of life, we see the HAND of GOD in every aspect of the recent additions to this group. He is an ON TIME God and this is a SPECIAL time for the Anchormen.  Even when we experience change, we still hold to the UNCHANGING hand of Him who knows the plans HE has for us; plans to prosper us in HIM and to see LIVES touched through music and ministry.  I’m not sure when we’ve ever had a better group of guys with strong talent and tremendous hearts for ministry.  We are all just plain delighted about this season for the Anchormen.”
The group’s radio success has been notable over the last few years with their biggest hit song, “Borrowed and Barely Used Tomb,” written by Zane King and Charles Isbell, landing at #14 on the Singing News Top 80, #7 on the Singing News Weekly Chart, and, it also found a place on the Singing News Yearly Chart as one of the TOP songs for 2013.
Group manager, Tim Bullins expresses, “What can I say? This is a good day for the Anchormen. My guys are ready to carry the hope of Christ everywhere God opens a door, an ear, or a heart.”
The quartet’s current single is entitled “The Day Nobody Praised Him.”  That day, they say, is a day they want to make sure never happens. Request their new single at your area Christian radio station and join the PRAISE.
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