Beyond the Song: the Mylon Hayes Family sings, “Resurrection Power”

Beyond the Song with the Mylon Hayes Family singing, Resurrection PowerIn this edition of Beyond the Song, Jantina de Haan-Baksteen reached out to the Mylon Hayes Family.

Jantina says, “The impactful song, ‘Resurrection Power,’ caught my attention.” 

The Mylon Hayes Family is a gospel group with Mylon and Wendy Hayes, their twin sons Conner and Bailey, and daughter Kennedy. Here Jantina talks to them about this new release.

1. Tell us about the title of this new album, “Enjoy The Journey.”

We took it from the first radio single, “Joy on the Journey,” that we released from the album. The songs on this album take us on a journey through different situations we’ll face but through it all we hope you find “Joy on the Journey.”

2. I see that this album has 14 songs. Is there a special reason for an unusually large number of songs?

Truthfully, we just had a very difficult time narrowing down our songs because we were pitched so many great ones that had such great messages!

3.Resurrection Power,” penned by Rebecca Peck, is your second radio release off of the album, “Enjoy the Journey.” Please tell us about the message in this song.

This song talks completely about Jesus’ resurrection. Throughout history people were raised from the dead by prophets, or apostles, or by Jesus, but it is such an amazing thought that Jesus raised himself from the dead. Our God has “Resurrection Power!”

4. Any chance Connor, Bailey or Kennedy will write a song someday? 

I hope so. We’ll see. I have no doubt that they could.

5. Is something more you’d like the readers know about your ministry?

We just hope through the message of the songs we sing that you see Jesus and that you can fully trust Him with your life and anything you face.

Thank  you for taken us along  on your journey.

Mylon Hayes Family album Enjoy The JourneyFor samples of all the songs on the Mylon Hayes Family new album, “Enjoy The Journey,” go HERE.

The SGNScoops team wish the Mylon Hayes Family safe travels on their journey. You can find them on Facebook here and online here.

We hope you enjoy their new song, “Resurrection Power,” and request it often from your favorite radio program. Special thanks to the Mylon Hayes Family for participating in Beyond the Song.

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