Blake Buffin is On The Couch With Fouch

Blake Buffin with the Mark Trammell Quartet
Blake Buffin with the Mark Trammell Quartet

Happy New Year to everybody. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I’m looking forward to the interviews in 2016. I think you’re going to love them. I have interviews with Michael Booth, Gary Casto, Eric Bennett and more coming in 2016. To start off the new year, I wanted to introduce you to Mark Trammell Quartet’s newest member, Blake Buffin. Blake is my first cousin and is a fantastic tenor singer. If you haven’t heard him yet, do not miss an opportunity to go hear the group. Here is my interview with Blake. Enjoy and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the interview.



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On the couch with fouch
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— Matt Fouch, On The Couch With Fouch


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About Blake Buffin (From the Mark Trammell Quartet website) 

“Blake Buffin grew up in Stow, Ohio and first sang in the church choir at age 18. As time went on, he began singing in the church quartet, performing as a soloist and special guest at churches and events in the surrounding area. After taking private voice lessons through a teacher at Kent State University, Blake sang for the Stow Symphony Orchestra Chorus including classical pieces such as Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Mozart’s Requiem and the tenor solos for Handel’s Messiah. Classical artists like Andrea Bocelli, Alessandro Sofina and The Tenors developed Blake’s love for music, but it was David Phelps of the Gaither Vocal Band who inspired Blake to sing the tenor part. “I love the classical flair to his voice,” says Blake. After Blake met and courted his future wife, he proposed in August of 2014 on their way to a Southern Gospel concert! Blake and Lauren were married July 18, 2015 and now reside in Rainbow City, Alabama.”