Channing Eleton Breaking New Ground

Dalton, GA (November 22, 2013) Always trying to think “out of the box” singer/songwriter and musician channing25extraordinaire Channing Eleton is breaking new ground with a novel new idea.

In the secular world a fairly new concept is called “House Concerts”. This is proving to be pretty popular and successful for artists who dare to break tradition and try it. Eleton is taking this concept to an entirely new level by using the modern facilities of internet video.

You’ll be able to watch and chat in real-time from the comfort of your home. He’ll be doing songs from his first record, ‘SUMMER RAINS HAVE GONE’, as well as a couple of tunes from his new record.

He even will have a special surprise guest. Make some popcorn, relax and enjoy. Wear your PJs if you want to. There are only a few tickets being offered…don’t miss out on this one!

In a special announcement Channing stated “My first ever concert is about a week away. (Sunday, December 1st at 4PM EST). It will be a live and interactive concert from my living room, (at my piano). I’ll be sharing some songs I’ve written, a Christmas song or two and a special surprise.”

Channing went on to say “You can watch from your house on your desktop or laptop computer.

You don’t even have to leave home. This will not be archived or recorded, so it will be a totally unique experience for those attending. Hey, you can even watch in your pajamas if you want to.”

Eleton will be doing a special interactive, live concert. There are 2 things you need to attend: First, your home computer AND 2nd A virtual “ticket”. Click the link below to purchase one. .

There are a limited number of tickets, so you might want to go ahead and get yours today. By the way, the ticket price is set at “pay what you can“. If you need any help signing up, email Channing here .

You can find more information about Channing Eleton at or .

Channing can be reached by E-mail at .